George Floyd Protests : Latest News, Updates

About 10 days passed over with the brutal and unfortunate killing of George Floyd in police custody. The death of George Floyd has triggered the widespread protest. People are protesting in many parts of the United States to condemn the death of Floyd.

Police in New York patrolled and were seen beating cyclists. On the other hand, Seattle and San Francisco lifted curfews.

Many of the marches that displayed Wednesday night were peaceful but in some American countries, there was a confrontation between the public and police.

Authorities in New Orleans, Iowa City, Huntsville., met protesters with rudder bullets and tear gas. In Los Angeles polices arrested demonstrators for violating curfew.

A large group of people gathered outside the White House and sang "Lean on Me," and with illuminating the twilight with cellphones. The curfew there has been extended to 11 p.m., from 7 p.m. on the two previous nights.

More than 10000 people have been arrested so far in relation to the protest. On Thursday, George Floyd’s family will hold a private memorial in Minneapolis.

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